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Bible Numerology: What is the Truth?

The goal of this article is to introduce the subject of Bible numerology and encourage you to dig deeper into the subject to fully understand the impact it has on your relationship with Jesus Christ.

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What is Bible numerology?

According to Webster's dictionary, the term numerology was first used in 1911, however, the concept of numerology has been around for literally thousands of years.

There are a number of definitions or branches of numerology. Some branches assign arbitrary meaning to specific numbers and apply those numbers to written text, thereby extracting "hidden messages". Other branches assign numeric values to letters and perform mathematical operations on the extracted values to determine "hidden codes".

For purposes of this article, I refer to numerology as the study of the occult significance of numbers in relationship to physical or spiritual bodies. Bible numerology, specifically, is the study of the relationship between numbers and the meaning/message of God's word.

Why study Bible numerology?

While the numerology practices mentioned above may seem harmless, caution should be taken by those individuals thinking of studying this form of occult. From a Christian perspective, there are two primary reasons to study Bible numerology: curiosity and preparation.

The first of these reasons, curiosity, originates directly from God - who loves variety. We were made to have different interests, specialities, and messages. In other words, some of us were made naturally curious, and were given the tools and patience to search God's word for hidden treasures (verse?) and share that treasure with others.

Those of us who have given our lives to Christ perceive, understand, and communicate what we read carefully through the Holy Spirit to build up God's Kingdom. While those who have not given their lives to Christ search God's Word for empty meaning that ultimately leads to in-fighting, fear mongering, and turning away from God's saving grace.

Whether the researcher is a member of God's family affects how he or she perceives an observation, leading us to the second reason for studying Bible numerology.

Because there are those who study God's word to extract false meaning and spread those teachings to the public, Christians must be ready to couteract falsehoods with God's truth. Jesus tells us that we are in the world but not of the world and, in regards to spreading God's word, we need to be shrewd as snakes and innocent as doves.

Preparing yourself for battle is never a bad thing. Studying Bible numerology is not evil in and of itself unless you study in direct disobedience God, or you use the knowledge to turn others away from Him. Knowing your opponent before you do battle only serves to stack the odds in your favor. satan (lowercase "s" on purpose) knows exactly how to get to us, so we must also prepare ourselves and our Christian family for battle when the time arrives.

For those of us whose job it is to minister to the worshippers of Baal as Elijah did in the Old Testament, we must understand and approach the subject with God's guidance and wisdom. Only by studying and keeping close to God are we prepared to do battle with opponents of God's truth.

What numbers seem to have importance in the Bible?

The Bible obviously contains many numbers in various contexts. However, anyone looking to study Bible numerology cannot ignore the numbers listed below due to their reoccurrence throughout the Old and New Testament accounts.

  • Three (3)
    • Temple build with three posts, three beams
    • The Trinity (God, Son, Holy Spirit)
    • Christ died for three days
    • In Revelation, three angels and three demons
  • Six (6)
    • Earth made in six days
    • Frames made for the tabernacle
    • Number of the beast is 666
    • Beast in Revelation has six wings
  • Seven (7)
    • God rested on the seventh day
    • Noah took seven each of clean animals onto the ark
    • Jesus said to forgive not just seven, but seventy-seven times
    • Seven seals, seven stars, seven lamp stands in Revelation
  • Twelve (12)
    • Ishmael (son of Abraham) had twelve sons
    • Twelve tribes of Israel
    • Jesus chose twelve disciples
    • Twelve gates and foundations in Revelation
  • Forty (40)
    • Raining during the flood
    • Years Israel wandered in the desert
    • Days Jesus was tempted by satan in the desert
    • Days Jesus appeared to people after his death
Bible numerology is a search term that thousands of people search on annually. It is an important topic to become familiar with for Christians looking to lead others to Christ.

Are there hidden codes in the Bible? There certainly seems to be certain numbers in the Bible that have significance. Click here to examine the meaning of numbers in the Bible and see how they affect our relationship with God.

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