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09/04/2008 19:53:26
Only 144,000 going to heaven?
Beverly asked:
Are you saying we will all go to heaven when we pass away? Only the 144 thousand will go to heaven,the others will be here on earth. Would you care to comment on that. Thank you

My response can be found here.

Here is an exerpt: "...strict reading of the verse indicates 144,000 FROM THE TRIBES OF ISRAEL (Revelations 7). It sounds to me that God..."


08/01/2008 18:40:13
New Modern Parable and general news...
Hi everyone, I've been vacationing, hence the lack of posts. I just posted a new story that, regrettably, did not place in the writing contest I entered it in. C'est la vie! I still like the story, you can find it on my modern parables page. I'm also inching closer to unveiling my publishing company. I've made strides in designing my logo/trademark, and am in beginning stages of website creation. Keep an eye out!

16/07/2008 20:11:54
Livin' and Learnin'
Are you surprised at two posts in as many days? I'll bet.

I would like to add something to yesterday's post. On my personal note, I had indicated that "The Shack" was an amazing read. While it is a good story, and does hold some Biblical truths, after some further research and thought, I'd like to offer this warning: Read, and know your Bible well. There are some things that are said in the book that fly in the face of what God says in His word.

Ordinarily, I wouldn't link out of my own website with a post, but I feel this is important to pass along. There should be a link on this post that takes you to It is a blog which contains a review of the book, and which reveals some of the Biblical "mistakes" that are made. In particular, read the review by Dale Brown.

I had taken it as a true story from the beginning, I had no idea it was fictional. When I learned that fact, my hole outlook on the theology presented changed. A book like this is very dangerous to new or soon-to-be believers, or those believers looking for answers in the wrong places. Please, read this book for entertainment value only. Do not form opinions and/or theologies solely from within it's pages.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact me.


15/07/2008 21:00:52
Something new is a-brewing at Bible Stories Library...
Hi Everyone. Thought I'd drop you a line to fill you in on the going's on at BSL. First off, my graphic novel is coming along great. I will be releasing a trailer for the novel to give you a taste of what the story will be all about. I'm gaining interest from other writers who want to submit articles for my newsletter. Adding new subscribers almost every day now, too!

Traffic is increasing to the site. I thank God and whomever is praying for me for that (keep up the good work)!

On a personal note, I'm reading a book called "The Shack" by William P. Young, which is an amazing read, I highly recommend it.

Coming soon: BSL Publishing...

07/02/2008 21:21:51
Fearfully and Wonderfully Made
Hi all, I just answered a great question from Maria. She was wondering what David was talking about "fearfully" being made. Are we made to be fearful? Maria didn't think so...check out my answer on my Contact Me page! Cheers, CEBG

24/06/2008 22:17:11
Looking for dinosaurs in the Bible? So was Juan!
I just answered a question from one of my readers surrounding where dinosaurs are mentioned in the Bible. The answer is on the contact me page. There should be a link to that page on this RSS entry (some RSS readers include the link in the title). Cheers, CEBG

06/04/2008 23:12:28
New story...Jonah: Faith Comes By Hearing
Hi there, If you have subscribed to my newsletter, you're probably aware of the author that wrote the devotional on the right hand side, Beckie Stewart. Well, Beckie also has a talent for writing stories. Check out her take on the story of Jonah as he enters the city of Ninevah!

06/04/2008 23:12:28
New feature!
Hi there, Just wanted to let you know that my contact page now has a feature where I post questions and comments. I have been replying to comments and asking questions, but receiving no answer. To be safe, I thought I could ensure communication by posting them on the contact page. Check it out!

06/01/2008 20:48:01
Good day! My updates have been few and far between, but that doesn't mean I'm not working. On the contrary, I've got something in the works that'll knock the socks off any youth between the ages of 10 and 20. Stay tuned for the BSL Publishing section coming soon. The first newsletter has gone out, and I haven't received any negative feedback, so I'll take it that it was well received. If you haven't subscribed, do it right now! Don't miss out on quality entertainment! Cheers, CEBG

05/08/2008 07:04:48
Bubblegum Popcorn...? Ah...okaaaay...
Good day! After some research and pulling of hair, I've decided upon a name for my newsletter. Click the attached link for the name...and a brief explanation. Cheers, CEBG

05/03/2008 22:35:21
Extra, extra, read all about it! All the news that's fit to be print...
Hello neighbor! I just wanted to let you know that we have a new monthly newsletter that will include new Bible stories, articles, coloring pages, and much more. Simply sign up on the top of any page in the main Bible Stories Library site, and then wait for the delivery. More additions are on the way... Have a great weekend. Cheers, CEBG

28/04/2008 21:55:27
It's been a hard day's night, and I been workin' like a dog...
Hello world! It's been a while since I've made any sort of contact with you all. Rest assured, I'm still around, and so is my site. You may have noticed an interruption in service, but I'm back in full color. I've moved to a new service provider which will allow me to focus on the services I want to provide, and let me do what I do best - write! Keep in touch, and look for some new content coming soon... Cheers, CEBG

04/12/2008 15:52:58
Christian Comic Velvet Nightmare
Review: Jackket Knightmare Christian comic - Velvet Nightmare Studios.

04/07/2008 21:23:23
Bible Stories Library
What do the Bible stories mean? Are they true? Is the Bible relevant to today?

21/03/2008 12:08:35
Modern Parables
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21/03/2008 12:05:02
The Plans of Man
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21/03/2008 11:57:17
Jesus Healing our Souls
A modern parable about Jesus Healing our Souls...

21/03/2008 11:46:41
Christian Comic Books - Sadhu Sundar Singh
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20/03/2008 21:08:34
Christian Comic Books - AngelDreams
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03/08/2008 22:30:04
Christian Childrens Stories
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03/02/2008 20:26:44
Christian Comic Book
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24/02/2008 09:04:56
Tartoo's story is ready for your enjoyment
Hi all, After some hard work by myself and James Sutherland, we are pleased to present Tartoo's first story ever. Hop on over and give it a read...and don't forget to fill out the survey at the end. It only helps to make things better! Cheers, CEBG

02/12/2008 19:50:18
Christian Artwork Gallery
Looking for Christian Artwork Gallery? Not only can you browse here, but you can add your own...

02/05/2008 17:39:19
Contact the Christian eBooks Guy
Contact the Christian eBooks Guy at

02/03/2008 17:42:56
Christian Childrens Books
Hey kids, are you looking for Christian childrens books? Meet Tartoo, he has lots of stories to tell you...

02/03/2008 17:23:59
Brand new feature!
Hi everyone, The new kids section is up and running! Click on the link above to take a peek. Cheers, CEBG

02/03/2008 16:01:12
Christian Childrens Book
Hey kids, ready to write a Christian childrens book? Draw a picture and write a story to go with it...

02/03/2008 15:51:04
Childrens Bible Stories
Hey kids, meet Tartoo, he has several childrens Bible stories to tell you...

27/01/2008 11:19:20
Christian Movie Theatre
Looking for Christian Movie theatre? Let me know what you're looking for. I'm ready and willing to provide it for you!

23/01/2008 20:46:53
copper enamel jesus
The Crown of Thorns, on our Lord's head, draws blood which joins the tears he sheds for those who deny him and are lost. God wants none to be lost.

20/01/2008 16:19:35
whatever you bind on earth
We too often do not live inside the freedom Christ's victory provides. When we are born again, not only do we have the promise of eternal life, but

14/01/2008 19:19:41
Copper Enamel Crosses
This piece was inspired in the spring of 1985, after a winter of depression, which culminated in a reflection of what our sights should really be on.

01/12/2008 09:39:24
Abraham Worships God
Loved to draw as a child. For the past few years I have returned to it (it has returned to me?), along with using watercolors for added effect.

22/12/2007 17:46:41
I'm working on it....
Hi all, I just wanted to let you know that I AM updating the site. I'm "opening" a whole new section which includes a couple of fun stories for youngins'. It all takes place behind the scened, so it looks like I'm not doing anything. Thanks for your patience as I build the site! Cheers, CEBG

12/02/2007 20:48:33
See God Modern Day
Do you want to see God modern day examples? Look around...

12/01/2007 18:59:21
Christian Desktop Wallpaper
Looking for free Christian desktop wallpaper? The Bible Stories Library has just what your looking for. Easy to browse, easy to download...and best of all free!

27/11/2007 22:37:42
Christian Theology Articles
Christian Theology helps us learn more about God and his relationship to us. My belief is that God makes knowing Him much easier than we think. Open your mind and your heart to these info-packed articles.