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christian artwork gallery A picture truly is worth a thousand words. Mel Gibson proved that phrase a thousand times over with his artwork in the Passion of the Christ. I'm a huge fan of art. I really appreciate the time and effort artists put into their work.

Being a writer, I understand the creative process, atleast to a certain degree. An artist has the ability to express thoughts, concepts and ideas through words, colors, shapes, and imagery.

In my humble opinion, artists influenced by the Almighty Creator of the Universe have no equal. One needs to look no further than Michelangelo for proof of this statement. His beautiful renderings of the Bible stories on the Sistine Chapel provide the perfect example of what one can do with the power of God.

Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. However, I've never heard of anyone coming out of that building and honestly proclaim, "Man, they are terrible."

Speaking of Michelangelo, click here in order to view some of his ancient Christian art.

What would a Christian library be without a Christian artwork gallery?

Not a very good library in my books (pun intended).

In my humble opinion, artists influenced by the Almighty Creator of the Universe have no equal

That said, I'll take this time to remind you, in the immortal words of Dr. "Bones" McCoy, "I'm a writer, not an artist."

I'm relying on you to spread the word to your artist friends to come to this page, and proudly submit their artwork for display.

If you're an artist, and you're reading this, what are you waiting for? You must have a piece of art somewhere that you could scan and place on my site! Contact me, include a story about what the artwork means to you, or what you were thinking of at the time you created it. I'll email you to get the piece and set up a page for you!

Still undecided if you should submit your artwork? Take a look at what others have submitted by clicking here (...or scroll down a bit)

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Copper Enamel Crosses starstarstarstarstar
This piece was inspired in the spring of 1985, after a winter of depression, which culminated in a reflection of what our sights should really be on.

Abraham Worships God starstarstarstarstar
Loved to draw as a child. For the past few years I have returned to it (it has returned to me?), along with using watercolors for added effect.

Copper Enamel Jesus Not rated yet
The Crown of Thorns, on our Lord's head, draws blood which joins the tears he sheds for those who deny him and are lost. God wants none to be lost. Call ...

Whatever You Bind on Earth Not rated yet
We too often do not live inside the freedom Christ's victory provides.

When we are born again, not only do we have the promise of eternal life, but ...

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