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My Christian Beliefs

christian ebooks guy There are many Christian beliefs and interpretations of stories and events in the Christian faith. Sometimes, this causes conflict to erupt between believers, and non-believers become discouraged, rejecting the faith altogether.

As unfortunate as this is, I can understand why. Would you want to belong to an organization that is constantly in an uproar?

What we need to realize, is that the Christian God is a personal God. One-to-one. Me and Him (or you and Him). The church is not an organization and a building, the church is the people - God's children.

All we need to do is find people with similar beliefs, and leave others be. God is our Father and he will take care of his children. As my earthly father said growing up, "You only need to be concerned about yourself. Don't worry about what everybody else thinks!"

That said, while researching various affiliates and directories to partner with, among the things I used to make my decision was the website's statement of faith.

In my introduction page, I mention that I hoped to show you my beliefs through what I write and display on my website (see what I say about my Christian beliefs here).

What we need to realize, is that the Christian God is a personal God.

I still do hope that you can see what I believe through my various writings, but thought I should include my outright beliefs (in summary form) for your convenience. So here is goes:

  • I believe God exists in three separate "persons", different but the same. God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

  • I believe the Bible is God inspired, inerrant, and is the all-encompassing word of how he wants us to live.

  • I believe the only way to get to heaven is through faith in Jesus Christ (God the Son).

  • I believe in a relative young earth (around six thousand years), and that there is much more evidence to support that "theory" than a billion year old, evolution-ized earth. We were created by God for his purpose - full stop.

  • I believe satan is having a field day with today's society.

  • I believe that just about covers it.

If you have any questions or would like to voice your opinion about my beliefs, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Note: At first glance, it may look like I'm not taking these beliefs seriously. Let me assure you, I do take my beliefs very seriously (and will defend them when necessary!


Pat Boone
The Christian eBooks Guy

I understand your Christian beliefs. Take me back home.