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A Christian Comic Book

Scarlet Robe Productions Presents:

In the not-too-distant future...

316 christian comic front cover
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...eighteen-year-old John Reyes serves time in his home state's youth detention facility.

John is getting close to the end of his sentence; he looks forward to leaving the God-forsaken place. However, after John comes to the rescue of his good friend and cellmate, Ben, John is sentenced to more time in prison. Just when he thinks it could not get any worse, Ben mysteriously disappears causing John's world to turn upside down and inside out.

Meanwhile, Sherri, a student working for the Department of Justice, meets Zack, a new employee with a questionable past. Ignoring the rumors, Sherri hits it off with him, until she witnesses behavior that causes her to wonder if Zack can be trusted.

Unknown to everyone, a new evil prepares for the ultimate battle for human souls, especially the soul of one girl who has the power to change the world-one soul at a time. Will anyone be able to stand up against this new enemy? Or will a new era of pain and suffering destroy us all?

316 is a Christian comic book that examines relationships - what they consist of, how they are formed, and what causes them to change.

316 story John character Born and raised in the mid-western United States, John Reyes is self-reliant and stubborn. He trusts only in himself and his own abilities to provide for his needs. He has a tendency to act without fully thinking things through, which often leads to painful life lessons. He is handsome and charming, and has a GSOH - a great sense of humor.

John is a protector of the weak, although his definition of good and evil leaves much to be desired. Due to lack of mentorship and guidance during his youth, John has had to define his own path and make his own choices-and mistakes.

316 story Sherri character Sherri's beauty and natural body language tend to make people think she is naive, shy, and vulnerable when they first meet her. However, under her soft exterior lies a strong-willed woman waiting to burst forth.

Sherri loves to help people, but has never been fully satisfied with her employment opportunities. Her current position inspired her to enroll in the social work degree program at the local university. Upon earning the degree, she might move to a section in the department where she could directly help those in need.

316 story Michael character Far from a stereotypical angel, Michael represents the epitomy of strength in human form.

Being a messenger of God and a "man" of few words, Michael offers instruction and guidance tempered with tough love and a child-like sense of humor. He shows up when least expected, yet always seems to be there when needed the most.