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Journey of Life

Have you stumbled through the shadows,
Down corridors of Despair?
Have you faltered in the darkness
Of a life without a prayer?

Yes, O yes.

I have tasted of Life's pleasures,
Drank of brews, supposed to cheer
Found synthetic, fleeting pleasure,
Sober, life was dull and drear

I have blasted into orbit
With capsules, pink and blue
Discovered new galaxies,
In brilliant colored hue

I have fought serpents and demons
That withdrawal always brings
Have screamed in fear, fantastic
Of the mind's imagined things

I have walked in lowest levels
Of my own self-made hell
Vanquished, a victim of my weakness
Exhausted, hopeless, fell-fell-fell
Through light years of time and space
To where the Masters dwell

The door was barely opened
I'd just a glimpse inside
The Voice then gently told me
"You must go back and bide"

"You must fight future battles
With Fear and Greed and Lust
These enemies you must conquer
'Fore you return to dust

The task is set before you
The Way shall be made plain
So gird on faith for armour
There will be loss and pain

The conflict has long been in progress
Will I conquer the unbeatable foe?
Can I remember that "Ultimately
Nothing matters", wherever I may go?

If I will bear the burden
If I will pay the price
I will find peace eternal
Which will at last suffice.

- Jim Lawrence

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