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Life's Tears

He's stumbled through the corridors
Of a life without a prayer.
Blue eyes so full of life,
Weary from all life's cares.

A smile so warm and friendly
So glad to see me there.
A hand so frail and spotted
Grips mine, and pulls me near.

We sit and chat of family,
And talk of goings on.
When suddenly a tear drops,
his voice quietly withdrawn.

"There comes a time in life
When you must accept what comes"
The once proud man now humbled
Resting in his Father's palms.

We continue our conversation
His tears flow sporadically
When I begin to ponder in silence
Why the tears flow so easily.

A life full of remorse
From sins still unforgiven?
Or maybe regrets of times
Passed while so madly living?

Maybe for the son he lost,
Still young and in his prime?
Still sad our Father took him
So long before his time.

The feeling of certain emptiness,
For the family that he will miss?
When our Father finally takes him
To the home of heavn'ly bliss.

Maybe I've pondered wrongly
And the tears are filled with joy
That he'll soon be with our Father
For life eternal to enjoy.

Whatever his emotions
However many tears,
He has found his Peace Eternal
In our Father, after all his years.

- Pat Boone (grandson of Jim Lawrence)

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