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Christian Poems

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Christian poems are all about expression of Godly feelings and emotions. When written honestly and from the heart, they can evoke a variety of emotions in the reader.

I love to read poetry about living a Godly life. To read about somebody's struggles, what they feel, what they see, what they perceive, all bundled in a beautifully written package of illustrative words, connects me to that person in a way no other written word can.

Oh sure, I enjoy a good essay on the an individual's Christian path, problems they resolved or didn't resolve, and at the end I might say, "Wow, they went through a lot."

Christian poems are words of wisdom in and of themselves

But to read a poem that illustrates poetically, the thoughts and emotions someone went through during a given time, creates a whole new level of understanding of that person. You actually feel what they felt when they were going through whatever it was they were going through.

Christian poems are words of wisdom in and of themselves. One only needs to take a look through Psalms to see this first hand.

Another beautiful poetic Bible book is the Song of Songs. You want to see love expressed poetically? Read this book! I wonder if the various translations capture the author's voice as well as the original. Most of us will never know until...well...God wants us to.

If you would like to submit a poem for publication on this page, please contact me.

Journey of Life
winter road
Life's Tears
lifes tears
Changing Seas
changing seas
God's Gift
by Pauline MacPherson
changing seas

by Karen Fillman
changing seas


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