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My Christian Theology 101

holy bible The pictures below are links to illustrated articles that explore Christian Theology in a laid back, entertaining, and informative way.

Over the past few years the Holy Spirit has guided my studies and interests, leading me to some amazing "revelations" and discoveries.

For instance, I had always tried to reconcile creation to evolution; believing at one point that God used evolution to create the earth and it's inhabitants.

I had been in contact with an acquaintance a while back who was a professed atheist and an avid evolutionist. We were chatting and he was "enlightning" me about theories of our beginnings (as in human beginnings) according to the "brilliant scientists" of our time.

I knew what he was saying was wrong, but couldn't quite put my finger on what exactly I found disturbing. As I left his place I prayed, "God, show me the truth."

About two days later I stumbled across the last fifteen minutes of a presentation on creation. What was said floored me. It had never occurred to me to take the first couple of chapters of Genesis literally. Christian theology was at work!

I immediately (well, within 48-72 hours) began researching the topic. I searched the web, contacted fellow Christians, and read the Bible. I tested, researched, and tested some more, the facts that were presented that evening.

I have since come up with my own version of what I believe in regards to creation and "evolution".

This method of determining "the truth" not only applies to what you believe about creation and evolution, but any Christian theology you are faced with. The real litmus test of your beliefs is, do they agree with what the Bible has to say about the particular topic?

The only danger is that you shouldn't base your beliefs on any one verse in the Bible. God himself tells us to "test Him in what he says". With a little patience and persistence, you can uncover the truth.

I hope you enjoy my thoughts and theories on the various topics I cover below.

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