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Charisse asked:

I am having deep trouble wondering why God allows bad things to happen to animals by the hand of human beings, and the awful abuse that they do to them. How can God allow for this and stand to see these bad things happening to them? Doesn't he love the animals, too? If I had the power as He does, I wouldn't allow any animal to go through such hardships as they do. Animals are innocent living creatures that I feel shouldn't have to go through so much pain. I'm having a hard time with this.

Hi Charisse,

You're absolutely right in saying God loves the animals. He loves all of creation.

I understand your concerns. Unfortunately, since the fall of man in the Garden of Eden, this world suffers a great deal from the effects of sin. God's word tells us that the entire world "groans" in pain waiting for Him to make things right once again. We have to have faith that God has things well in hand, and that he will deal with everyone according to his infinite wisdom.

My suggestion would be to take this issue to God in prayer. Tell him how you feel, and ask him to give you the peace and understanding you desire.

Sincerely, CEBG (Pat)

Sherry offered:

My name is Sherry ***PRIVATE INFO*** I am a christian poetess I go by the name of Sherry Nations I am a christian who write a lot of praise poetry for the the love of my life my lord and savior I have spoken my christian poetry at numerous funerals and revivals and have give comfort to those in the time of need I would like to submit my christian poetry to you if you still have enough room please feel free to email me back please I can be reached at ***PRIVATE INFO***.

I would love to have it! I will be emailing you shortly. Thanks Sherry.

Cheers, Pat

Monte said:

To the Publisher,
The celebration of Our Lords death and resurrection is upon us again. My wife is a Christian artist and has truly captured and made personal the finished work of Christ on the Cross as you can read on our press release; in a powerful relief sculpture entitled "TETELESTAI" John 19:30 "IT IS FINISHED". Her inspiration is posted with each work. We believe it would make a great story for this time of the year. Please visit our site at and view her work and mission statement. The testimonials from Dr. Stanley's church and Steve Brown are very powerful as are the others. Would like to hear back from you and would appreciate your comments.

Kindest regards in HIM,
Monte Perini

You have been blessed with a very talented and beautiful wife. Browsing her website, I can feel the joy she has producing gorgeous, thought-provoking works of art inspired by and for God. I have included a link on this page to her site. Excellent work, and thank you for contacting me.

Keep in touch,

Esther asked:

When I was a kid, I had a bible I really loved. When I was looking through your bible stories I recognized the illustrations. I just can't remember what it was called, the publisher, author or illustrator. Can you help me? Which Bible do you use?


Hi Esther. My illustrations come from I use Zondervan's NIV Study Bible, but my wife bought me QuickVerse software for Christmas - best present I ever received!
April said: Wow! I couldn't have said it better myself. That kind of sums up life. You must have read Ecclesiastes...everything truly IS meaningless.
Toni exclaimed:
Received my first newsletter from you this morning. Good going! You are doing a wonderful job.

Would like to ask a question...I am a freelance writer, specializing in Christian and inspirational material. Have written a series of funny, entertaining and interesting articles on a greedy family known as, The McGreedys. I have had some success with them on my blog sites and with several editors.

I would like to offer them to you for free, if you think it would add to your site..I think children and adults would enjoy them...

If you're interested, let me know--will begin to send them to you...

Excellent! Glad you like the newsletter, I'm working hard at getting quality relevant topics. I would certainly welcome your writing. Maybe start a feature! I will email you...

Thanks Toni!

Denise asked:
I am looking for a story I heard as a child, about why there is a star inside of the apple. I honestly can't remember if it was a bible story or a story about Johnny Appleseed. I have been telling many children and adults about that star, a lot of people don't know it's there. I am hoping that you can help me. Thank you.
Hi Denise,
I emailed you a week or two ago, but you haven't replied. I haven't had anyluck RE: finding a story, but maybe my readers will, and email (or contact) me with an answer.
Roger posted a rather long post. Here is the jist:
...This suffering was caused by the fear produced by not being able to love a god who would let anyone suffer forever and wondering what this god would do to me for not being able to love him. Even though I was and am trusting for my salvation in what Jesus accomplished by His death and resurrection, through the power in the blood of His cross, I was, and still am unable to love a god who would let anyone suffer forever. Here are testimonies similar to mine.

If you are like me and cannot love a god who would let anyone suffer forever, you can copy and paste (if necessary) the following urls into the address bar and find out that a literally (not interpretively) translated Bible actually teaches universal salvation, not even annihilation...

Sorry Roger, the Bible is quite clear that if we do not believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and what he did for us, we will be cast in hell for eternity. Think about it; God says, "Believe in me" We say, "No, I don't want you". God says, "Okay, have it your way. Spend the rest of eternity without me." Proof: Rev 20:10, 14:10-11.

Love expresses itself in many ways, one of which is consequences for bad behavior - in order to teach right behavior (parent / child). People tend to think of love as being romantic and that "nothing bad could ever happen". Tough love is often necessary to bring people together forging stronger relationships.

I feel like this was a big advertisement for your website...which tests my patience. Like my sister always said: You can only be patient for so long...

Originally, I wasn't going to post your url's, but I wanted to be fair. If someone wants to follow them, they can copy/paste them into their browser.

I will pray that God opens your eyes, Roger.

Mary said: I just found Bubblegum, and will submit some devotionals soon.

I have not had time to read very much here, but am very favorably impressed with what I have found.

I have an intense interest in Biblical scholarship, with emphasis on the Reformation writers, am currently researching and writing a book on the basis of our faith(our covenant relationship with God- a MOST neglected subject!), and plan to make some of the Reformation writings easier and more readable for today's readers very soon.

I also like reading and writing about little known Bible facts and Biblical archaelogy. For example, who can tell me what the covenant ceremony consisted of? Do you know where the infinity symbol came from? (Yes, I do know, and it SHOCKS math teachers and professors!)

Hey Mary!

It is so nice to hear such encouraging words from readers. I would love to get some of your archaeology submissions! I'll contact you by email. Thanks again, Mary.

I FREQUENT YOUR SITE AND IT IS VERY ENLIGHTENING, THANK YOU. I HAVE A QUESTION: PLEASE GIVE ME YOUR INTERPRETATION OF THE PHRASE: "IF GOD BE WITH YOU, WHO CAN BE AGAINST YOU" I AWAIT YOUR RESPONSE. THANKS AGAIN. When I was a kid, I remember watching a show with my earthly father where three brothers were taken from their home, placed in foster care, and basically badly mistreated. Dad was never one to show a whole lot of emotion, but after watching one particularly bad scene dad said, "If someone ever did that to you, they'd have to put me in jail, because I'd kill them."

On the surface, that may sound awful for my father to say, but as a kid, it made me feel safe. Basically, dad was telling me, "I'd do anything to protect you."

That's what the verse means to me. God loves us so much, that he'd "kill" his only Son to protect us from death. Not even satan can come against us without God stepping in and saying, "Step away! He/She is under my protection."

God isn't saying life won't have peaks and valleys, but when all is said and done, we'll be safe in his hands. Hope this helps.

Edmond asked:
Do you accept article contributions for your site?

If you do, please let me know the criteria and how I should submit my Christian articles for your review?

Thank you.

Hi Edmond,

I certainly do accept submissions for articles. I have a monthly newsletter which I publish, and I'm always looking for great content for the website itself.

If you're looking to submit a devotional, I'd try to keep it under 200 words. Other than that, I just look at the submissions, offer the odd suggestion as to wording/content, and then fit it where I think it fits best.

Submissions are normally sent to this to this email address (mentioned above), but you could also submit through the contact us page.

Any other questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

Juan asked:
May LORD GOD bless Mr. CEBG and your team in helping others to understand more about the stories from the Holy Bible.They are really interesting with the simplified versions esp. for the youth fellowship service. I wish to know where can I find the Verse in the Holy Bible said about 'Dinosaur ' as mentioned in your ' Bible Story Of Creation'(Paragraph 17 Line 5).TQ. Juan MALAYSIA.
Hi Juan,

The verse can be found in Job 40:15-24. My Bible says it is a hippo, elephant, or alligator. However, none of those animals have a tail that sways like a cedar. A brontosaurus does do several other "long-neck" dinosaurs we know existed.

Job 41 also talks about a leviathan. There is evidence/theory that some dinosaurs have chambers near their nasal passages which could have stored chemicals that, when combined, would produce fire - an actual dragon. Ancient pottery has been discovered with dinosaurs (large animals with scales) drawn on them. Dinosaur skin imprints have been uncovered which matches those drawings.

Ladies and gentlemen, I think it's time we look at the Bible a little more literally. Many people try to separate science and "religion". The Bible is not religion. The Bible is a communication from God, which contains much more than how to live our lives for God. The problem is, man makes it a "religion".

Great question, Juan! Keep'em coming.


Edmond said:
Feedback on your article ... 'Relatively Stupid'
There is another side of Einstein you may wish to know:
Did God Create Evil?
Not sure whether the theories mentioned in your article is of Einstein's earlier days in life or later. He may not be an atheist or agnostic after all.
Thanks for this Edmond, it's always good to be sharpened once in a while.

In this day and age, you almost have to see to believe. There are so many hoaxes out there, that it's hard to decipher just who is telling the truth. Here are a couple of links that I found regarding the story:

I'm not going to judge who's telling the truth, and who isn't because I have no idea. The point I'm making here is, double-checking the source before accepting any facts presented is always a good idea. I wish I had a nickel for everytime I accepted facts as presented without checking the source. I'd be a rich man right now!

One thing's for sure - we can trust the Bible, because the source is pretty reliable.

MARIA asked:
Hi Maria,
Thanks for the kudos! I enjoy this work immensely because I love to write - so I hope it shows in the end product.

Psalm 139:14 is the verse you mention here. If you read it in context, David talks about the wonders of creation and the vastness of God. He mentions that he praises God because he is "fearfully and wonderfully made".

In this case, David is not talking about fear as in "go hide". What he refers to is something like a healthy fear of your earthly parents when you were a child (ie. "I better not do that, or mom and dad will be angry...").

David probably also refers to "fearfully" as "awe". However, it wouldn't sound very good if the text read, "because I am awefully and wonderfully made...". That would be just awful! (Booo, hiss...take him off!)

The point is, our bodies are amazing. Even the most simple things we take for granted are amazing. While I was mowing the lawn a couple of days ago, I came across a piece of metal in the lawn that my sons had so carefully placed (ahem). I bent down, picked it up and tossed it into a small box, not much bigger than the piece of metal, about six feet away. As I mowed on, I realized what an amazing thing just occurred. I didn't sit and analyze speed, distance, gravitational pull, and wind resistance in order to toss it in the box. I just...tossed it and it went in. The very fact that my brain could calculate the above variables in the blink of an eye, and send a message to my arm to use just the right force to throw, is an amazing feat of engineering.

We are, indeed, wonderfully made. If you think about your body's abilities, a little healthy fear of God is understandable, and warranted. Does that help?

Wanda wrote:
Hi there. Very nice to meet you! I was also raised on Star Trek and Bugs Bunny! I might also add Mr. Rogers, The Electric Company and Captain Kangaroo! I have used your site recently to refer some students from a S.S. class I taught, as I was subbing for a friend. But after I found the content I needed for teens, I looked around. You have a great site and I just wanted to say "hey." I do some writing for an e-zine as well as some for my church newsletter. Maybe I'll send them your way in the future, too. Thanks for creating such a fun place to be on the web! May God richly bless you!
Hi Wanda! It's always warming to hear from my readers! I appreciate your well-wishes, and I'm continuing to grow the site. My newsletter is now taking more of my time, and I'm beginning to work with other writers which is an absolute blast for me. Have you signed up for my newsletter...? I'd be glad to service one more customer! Please, send your articles to the email address above - I look forward to hearing from you.
James asked:
Would you be interested in some Christian humor articles?
Absolutely, James! For submissions to the website, please contact me through my contact page..
Sandra inquired:
I've read that you accept articles, but wondering if there is pay for them.
Unfortunately Sandra, being a new and small operation I can't offer payment for writers at this time (July 19, 2008). Writers get credit for their work, and also get the experience of submitting and working with other authors. However, if things keep growing the way they have, I may change the format and be able to offer payment.
Beverly asked:
Are you saying we will all go to heaven when we pass away? Only the 144 thousand will go to heaven,the others will be here on earth. Would you care to comment on that. Thank you
VERY VERY important question. Thank you for asking, Bev.

If I remember correctly, this sounds like a question originating from the Jehovah's Witnesses faith?

Regardless, in no way am I saying everybody goes to heaven when they die. God/Jesus makes it quite clear in his word that "everyone THAT BELIEVES IN HIM shall not perish but have everlasting life". We must believe, trust, and love Jesus in order to get into heaven. Jesus has been given our souls to do with what he sees fit. He looks at our heart to know whether it truly yearns for him, or we are simply putting on a good show.

As for the 144,000: A strict reading of the verse indicates 144,000 FROM THE TRIBES OF ISRAEL (Revelations 7). It sounds to me that God has set aside 144,000 of his chosen people to be saved before the tribulation. My interpretation is: God looks at the hearts of his chosen ones to see who is open to accepting the truth. In no way does this affect salvation of gentile believers.

If you check back in the OT to 1 Kings 19, where an angel gives Elijah this message, after Elijah tells God he is afraid to go back to preach: "Go back the way you came...yet I reserve SEVEN THOUSAND in Israel - all whose knees have not bowed down to Baal and all whose mouths have not kissed him."

In Genesis, he sets aside 8. Noah and his family, who have not bowed down to idols...

See the pattern? What a wonderful testament to the patience, love, grace, and protection we receive from our Father!