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Download Free Christian Clipart

Free Downloadable Christian Clipart
jesus communion clipart Jesus' Communion

The first downloadable free Christian clipart comes from Jesus' last supper. He instructed his disciples to take part in the communion where they would take part of Jesus' blood and body this free Christian clipart now

coat of many colors clipart Coat of Many Colors

Joseph's coat of many colors is a famous story heard by millions of children around the world. The story shows us a father's love and the consequences of that now

davids and goliath clipart David's Sling and Stones

David and Goliath is another famous story that most people know about. By the grace of God, David uses a simple sling and one smooth stone to defeat his now

samsons riddle Samson's Riddle

This free Christian clipart image is from the story of Samson. To taunt the Palestinians, Samson gives them a riddle to solve. See the results when Samson's wife betrays now

turning staff into snake Moses Turning a Staff into a Snake

God used Moses to free his people. He sent Moses to Pharoah to perform miracles. The first miracle Moses performed is turning a staff into a snake! now

snake in wilderness clipart Snake in the Wilderness

Jesus tells us in the gorpel of John that "As Moses lifted up the snake in the wilderness, so the Son of Man must also be lifted up" now

noahs ark clipart Noah's Ark

Noah's ark is a famous story of God's wrath and protection. In Noah's day, the earth was filled with violent people, who only thought of themselves. God warned Noah and his family to build and ark because he was going to destroy the earth with a world-wide. Leaving us evidence for his children thousands of years this free Christian clipart now

ark of the covenant clipart Ark of the Covenant

The Ark of the Covenant was a sacred object of worship of God's children in the Old Testament. The Ark of the Covenant contained the tablets of the Ten Commandments that God had given now

golgotha Golgotha

Golgotha means "The Place of the Skull". This was where Jesus was crucified (hung on a cross to die) now

seven seals The Seven Seals

The seven seals are the signs of the end of this age. John witnessed the results from the seven seals in a vision from God. He wrote about six of the seven seals in now