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holy bible I'm an individual that works well under pressure.

The teen Sunday School class at my church required teacher a few years ago. I volunteered to fill-in, which turned into a full-time tour of duty for two and a half years! Since then, I've been asked to fill-in at the last minute for Sunday School and Junior Church classes of varying age groups.

No matter what age group I'm teaching, I can always grab a young person's attention with the types of stories and facts found on this web page...even the most ill-behaved children. (oh yes...I've seen ill-behaved children...;-).

Below you will find a bookshelf FULL of free illustrated Bible stories that appeal to all age groups.

NOTE: These stories are meant to help you understand what God is saying. However, nothing beats reading the real thing once you grasp the concept.

That said, I HIGHLY recommend reading the actual Bible text to get the full benefit of God's word as some stories have been toned down a bit for the sake of the children!

These free illustrated Bible stories will help you understand God better. It is my hope, that you use this knowledge to help others understand Him too!

Once you browse these free bible stories, download these and more bible stories for free by clicking here!

Ready? Just click on the picture to go to the story page!

The Story of Creation
god creates light
Daniel the Prophet in:
The Fiery Furnace
daniel interprets dream
David and Goliath
david defeats goliath
Gideon the Judge in:
The Story of Gideon
Gideon attack midianites
Daniel in the Lions Den
Daniel in the lions den
Samson the Judge in:
The Story of Samson
samson kills lion
Parable of the Sower
parable of the sower
Parable of the Unforgiving Servant
samson kills lion
Parable of the Talents
parable of the talents
Walls of Jericho
walls of jericho

For more Parables of Jesus, go to the Bible Verses to Inspire website!

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