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Gideon attack Midianites Gideon Bible Story
In the Bible: Judges 6 - 8

Israel was sinning greatly against God by worshipping idols and doing all kinds of other sins. Because of this, He sent the Midianites to rule over them for seven years. Every time Israel planted crops the Midianites would destroy them by moving on to the land and trampling now OR read the Gideon Bible story online

david defeats goliath David and Goliath Coloring Page
In the Bible: 1 Samuel 17

Israel was at war with Philistine.
The armies were camped in the hills on either side of the Valley of Elah, ready to do battle.

A common way wars were fought back in those days was to allow a champion from both sides do battle. The winner of that fight would proclaim victory for his army, while the other side would be required to David and Goliath coloring page now

Adam and Eve Multiple Choice Quiz
In the Bible: Genesis 3 & 4

Adam and Eve were made by God to take care of the earth. Adam was made first, and then Eve was made from one of Adam's ribs. Everything was going fine until satan entered the picture to tempt God's children.

Download the Adam and Eve story and then quiz your class on the Adam and Eve Bible quiz now Free Bible Quiz

Christian fiction and other Bible resources
gallio and me Follow Gallio as he causes all sorts of problems for Jesse. See how Jesse deals with Gallio and what God does to help things out. Click the image to read Gallio's first adventure story, or...

Read the very first Gallio and Me Christian book adventure in "print" (for kids aged 4 to 7) by clicking here.

In the not-too-distant future... 316 comic logo In this story written specifically for teens, eighteen-year-old John Reyes serves time in his home state's youth detention facility. John is getting close to the end of his sentence...
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