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Parable of the Talents

In the Bible: Matthew 25:14 - 28

parable of the talents The disciples were curious to know about what it would be like at the end of this age, when Jesus would return to earth from heaven. Jesus explained to them that the day and the hour was unknown, even by him. Only God knew the time when these things would take place.

Teaching Parable of the Talents:
It has been told that Queen Victoria of England, moved by a sermon on Jesus' second coming, said, "I should like to be living when Jesus comes, so that I could lay the crown of England at his feet."

Jesus explained that they should just get ready and to teach others to get ready, so when Jesus did return, He would have many souls to take back to heaven with Him. One of the stories Jesus used to explain what he was trying to say is known as the "Parable of the Talents". He said:

When I come back to take you to heaven, it will be like the master who went on a journey to a far off land. Before he left, he gave three of his servants some money to invest so it would gain him extra while he was away.

Parable of the Talents fact:
Luke 19:11-27 also has the parable of the talents. However, Luke's version uses minas instead of talents. One talent equalled about sixty minas.

To the first servant he gave five talents, to the second servant two talents, and to the third he gave one. Each of the servants he gave according to their abilities, and then went away on his journey.

As soon as the master left, the servants that had more than one talent, immediately put the money to work and doubled their profits. The servant that was only given one talent, he immediately dug a hole and buried the talent for safe keeping.

When the master returned some time later, he came to his servants to see how they made out. The first servant strolled up proudly and said, "My five talents have made you another five!"

"Excellent work!" said the master, "You have been faithful when I put you in charge of something small, so now you will be put in charge of something large!"

Teaching Parable of the Talents:
Note the rewards for being a faithful servant. Although, the rewards may not be received in this life.

The second servant walked proudly to his master, too. "My two talents have made you two more!" he said.

"Excellent work!" said the master, "You have been faithful with some small things, now I will put you in charge of some larger things!"

Then the master turned to the servant who was given one talent. "And how about you? What have you done for me?"

Bury the talents

Parable of the Talents fact:
This story shows us consequences of continually being unfaithful followers of Jesus.

But the third servant was afraid. "I knew you were a hard man to work for and I didn't trust you. I knew you harvested crops from places you didn't plant seeds. I hid the money so it wouldn't get stolen."

"What's this?" said the master. "You thought I was dishonest and didn't trust me? You should have at least put the money in the bank to earn interest! Take this man's talent and throw him oustide where God will not protect him from the beasts that want to devour him!"

Teaching Parable of the Talents:
Another interpretation of this story tells us that we are training for our service in Heaven. Our position there will be determined by our faith and service here.

Jesus is telling us that after we come to him to save our souls and ask forgiveness for our sins, it is not time to sit back and enjoy life. A true commitment to God means there is much work to be done and many souls to reach. The third servant did not make a true commitment to his master, and the master treated him accordingly.

Jesus has given each one of us gifts to further His Kingdom. He expects us to use our gifts to do just that. If we do, we will be rewarded in Heaven. If we do not, what we do have will be taken from us!

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