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The Samson Bible Story

In the Bible: Judges 13 - 16

Samson Bible Story
Samson is the only man mentioned in the Bible with extraordinary strength. With his strength came many passions he could not easily keep under control. Do you suppose the reason his eyes were taken out because they caused him to sin so often? Or was it a sign of embarrasment in that culture?

Back in the days of Judges, there lived a man called Manoah. Manoah had a wife who couldn't have babies.

One day an angel came to Manoah's wife and said, "God has chosen you to give birth to a baby boy that will do great things in Israel one day." He continued, "You are not to drink any beer or wine or take any other drugs and, after he is born, never cut his hair because God wants him to look different from everybody else."

Samson Bible story fact:
People used to mix special spices in the wine to make it more intoxicating (more drug-like).

Manoah's wife had the baby boy she called him Samson. Samson was blessed by God as he grew and God's spirit began leading him more and more.

After he grew up, Samson travelled to a nearby town in Philistine and saw a really beautiful girl. When he came back home, he told his father, "I have met a beautiful girl. I want you to arrange a meeting with her because I want to marry her."

His father protested, "Israelite men don't marry Philistine women!"

Samson insisted. So, finally, Manoah reluctantly arranged the meeting. He didn't know that this was all part of God's plan.

Samson Bible story fact:
Samson had a real weakness for women, which would prove to be his downfall.

On the way to the meeting, God tested Samson by sending a ferocious lion to attack him. When the lion attacked, God's spirit gave Samson great strength. Samson killed the lion with his bare hands.

samson kills lion Some time later, some honey bees had built a nest in the lion's body. Along the way to his wedding ceremony, Samson noticed the honeycomb in the lion's body. "That honey looks some tasty," he said. "I think I'll scoop some out to eat." So he bent down and scooped out some honey and ate it, he also gave some to his parents, but didn't tell them where it came from.

During his wedding ceremony, he was given thirty Philistine servants to attend his every need. He decided to have fun with them, and asked "I have a riddle that I don't think any of you could solve in seven days."

"I'll bet you we can," they replied. "Tell us."

"Out of the eater, something to eat. Out of the strong, something sweet" said Samson.

Samson Bible story fact:
Honey was a very popular sweetener back in bible times.

After three days they still didn't solve it, so they decided to go see Samson's wife.

"Get your husband to tell you the riddle, or we will hurt you and your family."

Samson's wife cried to Samson, "You don't love me, or you would tell me the riddle!"

Samson Bible story fact:
We see here, an example of the consequences of Samson's weakness.

"I haven't even told my parents," said Samson. "Why should I tell you?"

For the next three days, she cried for Samson to tell her the secret until he finally gave in on the seventh day. When he went to the thirty servants, they had the answer, "What is stronger than a lion? What is sweeter than honey?" they said.

"You would not have known that if you hadn't asked my wife!" yelled Samson.

God's spirit gave him great strength again and he left his wife. He traveled to the nearest Philistine town. "Let's see how they like this," he snorted, and started to fight with the men in the town. Samson beat them up badly.

Samson Bible story fact:
Samson was used by God to humble the Philistines.

After that, Samson and the Philistines fought almost every day. They each did terrible things to each other.

After some time, Samson met another Philistine woman called Delilah, who was very beautiful. They soon got married.

After the wedding, the Philistine rulers came to visit her. "Find out the secret of his strength, so we can win the fight. If you do this, we'll pay you a lot of money!"

"Find out the secret of his strength, so we can win the fight. If you do this, we'll pay you a lot of money!"

Samson Bible story fact:
Samson was strong enough to tear off the gate to Gaza, along with the posts. It probably weighed a couple of tons!

Delilah went to Samson and asked, "Tell me how you can be weakened and subdued."

Samson lied, "Tie me with seven fresh thongs that have never been dried, and I'll become as weak as any other man."

samson escapes After he fell asleep that night, Delilah tied him as he instructed and then yelled, "Samson, get up. Men of Philistine are here to hurt you!"

Samson Bible story fact:
God gave Samson superhuman strength through His Spirit.

But Samson snapped the ropes like spaghetti and threw the men out the door.

The next night, Delilah said to Samson, "You made me look foolish in front of those men last night. Tell your wife how you can be subdued."

Samson lied again, "Tie me with ropes that have never been used, and I'll become as weak as any other man."

So once again, Delilah called the men from Philistine to come and she tied Samson with ropes that had never been used. When the men of Philistine came upon him, he snapped the ropes easily and threw the men out the door again.

The next night, Delilah begged Samson, "You made a fool of me again! Tell me how you can be tied."

Samson Bible story fact:
Delilah came from the Valley of Sorek in Philistine.

This time, Samson came up with a bigger lie. "If you weave the seven braids of my head into the fabric on the loom and tighten it with a pin, I'll become as weak as any other man."

Samson Bible story fact:
Most men back in those days had short hair and beards.

So when he fell asleep, Delilah did as he said. She called men of Philistine to come again, and hollered to Samson, "Samson, get up, the men of Philistine are here to hurt you!"

Samson got up, pulled up the pin and loom, and through the nasty Philistine men out the door.

Samson and Delilah Delilah was angry now. She cried and bugged Samson for days saying, "You say that you love me, but why do you keep lying to me as if you couldn't confide in me."

She kept nagging Samson until he could take it no more. "No razor has ever touched my head because I have been set aside for God from birth."

Realizing that he had finally told the truth, Delilah told the men of Philistine, "Come one more time, he has told me the truth this time."

That night, Delilah shaved Samson's head and then called him, "Samson get up, men of Philistine are here to hurt you!"

Samson didn't realize that he had been shaved, so he went out to meet them again, but this time they were able to tie him up and throw him in the dungeon.

Samson Bible story fact:
Samson was the last judge of Israel (mentioned in the Bible).

The Philistine men were happy, and prayed to their god Dagon. They thanked him for allowing them to capture Samson. They had a feast and asked the dungeon keeper to bring Samson up to entertain them.

The guards dragged Samson out of the dungeon and placed him between the two big pillars that held the building up.

Teaching Samson Bible story:
Note to class how, even though Samson sinned, God still loved him, and used him to accomplish a task.

samson in the temple He prayed to God, "Heavenly Father, remember me one more time, and give me the strength to push these pillars over so the building falls down on these Philistine men that worship other gods."

God listened to Samson's prayer and granted his wish. With a great push, Samson toppled over the two pillars and the building fell down upon the men.

So Samson finished everything God wanted him to, and the Israelites were free from slavery for many years.

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